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Delivering Cutting-Edge SAP S/4 HANA and Migrating to SAP Cloud Solutions Across Continents

Since 2008, ClifyX Inc has been at the forefront of SAP implementation, blending our rich experience with competitive pricing to ensure your project's success. We're not just familiar with SAP tools; we're experts in all the latest SAP innovations and emerging technologies. This expertise allows us to tailor solutions that are as unique as your business challenges.

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A few of the most popular SAP solutions and Services we provide


Elevate Your Business Strategy with ClifyX: Mastering SAP Integrated Business Planning for Unmatched Growth

SAP Hybris

ClifyX: Not Just SAP Hybris Experts, but Your Partners in Crafting Unforgettable Digital Journeys


Transform Your Data Governance with ClifyX: Expert SAP MDG Implementation Plus Innovative Data Quality Solutions and Future-Proof Data Strategies


Elevate Your Warehouse Operations with ClifyX: Expert SAP EWM Implementation Enhanced with Smart Analytics.


Optimizing Supply Chains with Precision: ClifyX's SAP SCM Expertise Paired with Advanced Predictive Analytics.

SAP Transportation

Transforming Transportation with ClifyX: SAP Expertise Combined with IoT for Real-Time Fleet Management.

SAP Data Analytics Cloud

Data-Driven Success with ClifyX: Harness the Power of SAP Analytics Cloud for Comprehensive Business Insights.


Transform Your Business Landscape with ClifyX: Leveraging SAP S/4HANA for Scalable and Sustainable Growth

Elevating SAP Implementations: The ClifyX Formula for Addressing and Excelling Client Needs

Implementing new SAP technologies, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Signavio, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Transportation Management, SAP BRIM, and Industry-Specific Clouds, comes with a set of challenges. Here are some best practices from ClifyX to address them:

When addressing SAP S/4 HANA migration challenges, it's essential to recognize the complexity and potential for operational disruption. At ClifyX, we understand these intricacies and offer tailored solutions. We guide our clients in choosing the most suitable approach for their migration, be it Greenfield (starting anew) or Brownfield (upgrading the existing system). This choice is crucial and depends on the specific needs and goals of each client. Our consultants are equipped to minimize disruptions, ensuring a smooth transition that aligns with your business objectives and operational requirements.

Data management is central to any SAP implementation. ClifyX could assist in managing the various data categories crucial for SAP implementation. This includes ensuring data quality, advising on data migration strategies, and helping make key decisions on cloud vs. on-premise solutions. Below are road map

  • Implementing Data Quality Tools: Providing solutions for data cleaning, deduplication, and validation.
  • Advanced Integration Techniques: Utilizing tools for effective data integration and consolidation.
  • Data Volume Management: Advising on data archiving and purging strategies.
  • Real-Time Analytics Implementation: Deploying SAP HANA and other tools for instantaneous data processing.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Security: Implementing robust data security measures and compliance strategies.
  • Structured Data Migration Services: Offering expert guidance and tools for seamless data migration.
  • Master Data Governance Strategies: Helping establish governance frameworks for consistent data management.
  • Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training programs and ongoing support for users.

The prevalence of fake profiles, especially in SAP S/4 HANA implementation, is a significant concern in the industry. It's astounding how these profiles proliferate, raising questions about the efficacy of current recruitment and screening processes. At ClifyX Inc, we've developed a robust solution to this problem. Our SAP Delivery Team, with over 15 years of experience, specializes in identifying authentic talent in SAP.

Beyond technical expertise, we offer strategic advisory services. We help businesses understand how to align their SAP strategy with broader business goals, ensuring that the SAP system supports and enhances overall business performance. We stay abreast of the latest developments and innovations within SAP.

Over-customization can lead to complexities in the SAP system. With a deep understanding of SAP systems, consultants from ClifyX could help evaluate the necessity of customizations for your business. They could propose solutions that balance customization with standardization, ensuring system efficiency without compromising on specific business needs.

ClifyX: Bridging the Gap to Next-Gen SAP Solutions with Cloud and HANA Migration Excellence

SAP has indeed been encouraging its customers to transition to the cloud, and there has been a significant extension to their support deadlines which is related to this shift. Role of ClifyX in SAP Cloud Migration follow:

Role of ClifyX in SAP Cloud and S/4 Migration
Crucial Assistance from ClifyX
  • Offer a range of services for cloud migration.
  • Address complexities of moving from legacy systems to cloud solutions.

Developing Business Cases
  • Justify the cloud migration's value to the organization.
  • Consider factors like system capabilities, risks, costs, and benefits.
  • Provide detailed proposals in the RFP phase, including staffing and project hours.
Support During Implementation
  • Offer active support throughout project phases.
  • Deliver business transformation packages for RISE with SAP.
  • Focus on technical migration of workloads to the cloud.
Unique Approaches of Each SI
  • Emphasize the project roadmap journey.
  • Focus on meeting business case goals.
  • Concentrate on the technical aspects of the program.

Factors Influencing ClifyX Selection
  • Organization’s existing SAP expertise. Having our own W-2 Employees
  • Nature of transformation (business process changes vs. technical migration).
  • Specific project requirements.
ClifyX as Advisors
  • Help navigate complex decisions and preparations for migration.
  • Manage data readiness, integration issues, and customization transformation.
  • Ensure project alignment with strategic objectives.

ClifyX provide vital expertise in project planning, execution, and strategy.
Tailored assistance to meet unique needs and goals of each SAP client.

Migrating to SAP Cloud and SAP HANA

SAP has indeed been encouraging its customers to transition to the cloud, and there has been a significant extension to their support deadlines which is related to this shift. The original end-of-support deadline for certain SAP products, initially set for 2025, has been extended to 2027. This extension applies to the support and maintenance of several products including ERP 6.0, Customer Relationship Management 7.0, Supply Chain Management 7.0, Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 applications, and Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. Beyond 2027, customers still in the transition period can purchase extended maintenance through to the end of 2030, albeit at a premium cost

A Partner with the Right Expertise

ClifyX has a concentrated background in customer service management. For decades, we’ve helped some of the most illustrious US-based companies develop and implement high-performing customer care centers. We know what it takes to create customer experiences that exceed expectations and keeps them coming back. We routinely help companies convert their customer service department from cost center to profit center.

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