Permanent Placement Services

Talent Acquisition is a Science (and an Art)

person clicking through professional headshotsAs HR Person, it’s big responsibility to make decision to choose Vendors who can help them to fill Full Time positions.

We virtually operate inside the heart of your company to understand and execute your strategic hiring initiatives. Our Account Managers are the point of contact between the client and the candidate throughout the interview process. We keep a close touchpoint with candidates throughout the interview phases to ensure we are on point with any concerns they may have or any competing opportunities that may simultaneously occur.

Culture is an organization’s DNA. We must first understand your company culture by collecting data and implementing a thoughtfully targeted talent management vision and strategy.

In our partner engagement process, our talent teams are immersed into your company culture to:

  • Comprehend your specific needs.
  • Share your passion and vision.
  • Leverage your skills to strategically mitigate candidate pipeline pain points.
  • Understand your compensation structure. We highlight things like free training, education, vacation, and perks. Then we brand your job opportunities to attract hidden talent.
  • Identify competitors to attract their talent.
  • Address the most complex mission-critical issues you’ll face today and tomorrow.

Our interview screening has a 5 tiered interview process:

1.Initial screen: Recruiter verifies contact information, current salary, expected salary, visa status, technical/functional skills and specific industry experience.

2. Behavior Interview: Determines if a candidate:

  •  Has applicable communication, leadership and management level skills
  • Can handle deadlines, multiple task, and difficult situations,
  • Will profit the company (was he able to secure additional funding for the project, or did the project absorb extra costs).
  • Maximizes business impact and value creation. Focuses on delivering excellence.
  • Collaborates effectively. Develops self and others. Communicates effectively.
  • Embraces change with agility and adaptability. Anticipates and resolves issues.
  • Develops enduring trust based relationships.

3. Technical Interview: Interviewed to identify techno-functional skills.

4. Webcam interview: Determines if the candidate is genuine and confirms said candidate can provide the required techno-functional skills.

5. Account Performance Meeting: ClifyX provides complete metric scorecards monthly and quarterly, providing a foundation for discussion on activities and results.