Company Snapshot

ClifyX was formed in 1998 and since then providing staffing solution and services.

We provide innovative business solutions which satisfy highest requirements for mission-critical reliability, scalability, interoperations to our customers and shareholders and high level of satisfaction for the employees.

Our staff’s creativity, service and dedication set a apart from other staffing firms. Our team is Young, Dynamic and willing to work with our Clients needs with right attitude. Our Team has years of experience helping clients around the world use their staffing investments to drive innovation, productivity and growth to achieve higher performance.

Company Snapshot
Company Snapshot

  • ClifyX is # 1 at “Improving the Digital function” for our clients

  • Salesforce and ServiceNow Partner

  • 200 Certified SAAS Employees

  • Incorporated in 1998 as a Minority Business Enterprise

  • Global Recruiting Model & locations

  • Providing World Class Solutions to Global Fortune 500 Clients
Our mission is to provide our clients with optimal technology solutions that are effective and within budgets.

ClifyX group is an award winning IT Consultancy formed in 1998. We specialize in helping Organizations with cutting-edge technologies and partnering clients with industry-leading cloud and software as a service(SaaS) platform providers.

What makes us different
What makes us different
What makes us different
What makes us different

  • Our # 1 Priority is Commitment and Building Trust with our Clients.

  • 20 Yrs of Consulting Experience.

  • Our success is based on the success of our customers and is reflected through our commitment to deliver high quality on time and within budget.

  • Meeting deadlines in project implementation.

  • Our Talents are not only Screened based on their Skills Knowledge but also on Reliability, Communication and Presentation Skills.

  • We help our client to collaborate toward achieving a shared goal, and to keep complex, multistage projects on track.

  • We can give the ability to retain ClifyX employees who are key to the implementation on the Permanent Employment basis.

  • ClifyX provides an effective blend of experience, cost advantage, commitment, creative business solutions and technological leadership to our customers. We turn your ideas into reality.

  • We are not afraid to take on projects that are in trouble and have had significant successes in this area.

  • We are always willing to adapt to the approach of our customers to meet their requirements