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Clifyx for ServiceNow implementations and deployments?

Being a Specialist ServiceNow Partner, we’ve the experience and expertise to tailor your business needs and implement your ServiceNow module timely and effectively.

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The simplicity your company craves

A better customer experience starts with enhanced inventive latest cloud technology using ServiceNow keeps the business excitable for our end customers, ServiceNow as a provider of diverse IT solutions across industries, enables us to smooth-running of various functions of your customer deliveries and enhances service delight.

Clifyx is honored and appreciated to be the preferred ServiceNow deployment and implementation partner. Clifyx provides implementation and deployment services across the globe with a diverse platform delivered through highly skilled certified specialists enabling customer delight.

Clifyx has immense experience over 20 years in Cyber Security, Digitalization, and now in enabling implementation and deployments for its end customer through ServiceNow.


Efficient skilled employee and customer experience are key factors for successful transformation. With disparate data processes and adequate capital and time spent with limited resources to create delightful customer experience. Clifyx and ServiceNow on an enabled platform as a foundation consolidate all processes into a unique module to transform your service experience, automate workflows and improve productivity.

Transform IT experience with ITSM integration

Restore services fast after an unplanned interruption or major incident by investigating the root cause to quickly resolve critical service disruptions. Use trend analysis and periodic service configuration reviews to minimize and prevent future issues.

Use this to automatically categorize and route issues to the right resolution team, while empowering technicians with AI-assisted answers for faster resolutions. Predictive Intelligence applies machine learning to historical request patterns, allowing it to become increasingly accurate in its predictive recommendations.

Set business expectations and gain visibility into your IT team’s service commitments and performance with Service Level Management. Manage SLAs with the visual SLA Timeline to see individual SLA progress and events triggering stage changes. Prioritize tasks, check statuses, reassign ownership, and escalate issues, allowing you to always provide your best service.

The Knowledge Management Service Portal enables users to access a portal view of knowledge bases and articles. It is available by default for new customers on the Madrid and later releases. If required, existing and upgrade customers can activate the Knowledge Management Service Portal plugin.

Knowledge Management supports processes for creating, categorizing, reviewing, and approving articles. Users can search and browse articles as well as provide feedback.

Problem Management maintains information about problems and the appropriate workarounds and resolutions, so that the organization is able to reduce the number and impact of incidents over time. In this respect, Problem Management has a strong interface with Knowledge Management so that the known error articles are documented thoroughly for any future reference.


ServiceNow Discovery lets you create a single system of record for IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in public clouds. It identifies IP-enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB). It also discovers applications across your environment and, when used with Service Mapping, adds the ability to connect the applications and supporting CIs to show what infrastructure supports those services. Discovery helps ensure the accuracy of the CI data underpinning ServiceNow applications across your enterprise.

ServiceNow Service Mapping creates and maintains service maps that show the associated mix of IT components and dependencies. A top-down approach, which includes network traffic, discovers and maps the relationships between components, even in dynamic, virtualized environments. Service Mapping continuously monitors the hybrid IT infrastructure for service affecting changes and updates service maps in real time. With Service Mapping, IT can easily analyze service-impacting changes, pinpoint outages, and proactively identify issues.

ServiceNow Orchestration automates IT and business processes for operations management, including orchestrating fast remediation of service issues. It includes codeless automations of third-party products, activity packs, and automation applications. With Orchestration, IT can reduce tasks, improve productivity, and automate and accelerate processes.

Get a reliable, single source of truth that cuts across silos and enables IT to see all assets, related services, and how they’re functioning. See the relationship between the CIs and services to proactively manage the impact of changes on your services. Monitor and improve the quality of your CMDB data with the CMDB Health Dashboard.

ServiceNow Event Management consolidates, correlates, and analyzes data from all of your monitoring tools to deliver real-time information about the health of business services and IT infrastructure. It also uses machine learning techniques to predict knockon effects of critical alerts, so IT can prevent service outages. Intuitive service health dashboards show the status of all business services at a glance, and powerful event visualization helps IT staff to drill down into interactive service maps to find the root cause of issues.


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CSM – Maximize ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management

ServiceNow helps client gain customer insight, while streamlining processes

As part of its digital transformation programme, the implementation of the Now Platform and ServiceNow Customer Service Management has provided customer agents with a simple, intuitive, and streamlined system, allowing clearer insight into a customer’s journey.

Agents now have a 360 degree view of the customer and they have one application that helps them provide excellent service.

Tracking agent performance

ServiceNow Customer Service Management SLAs mean client can monitor and track service levels. Most businesses link call center efficiencies to dealing with the customer queries quickly. And ServiceNow makes it easy for managers to access those performance measurements, including average speed to answer and average channel time.

Improving resolution rates while reducing resolution times

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, resolution rates increases, and response times are down. “The automated routing helps ensure cases are getting to the right agents: Agents can fulfill those requests, and customers get help quickly.

HR Cases payroll
HR Cases payroll
New Hire

Onboarding, Promotions, Talent management, Travel Management, Operation Management (payroll, workforce, Total Rewards, Finance etc), Employee portal

Each phase has the step by step guidance

From employees till the hiring manager get clear guidance on what needs to be done, every step of the way.

Mobile Onboarding

Enable new hires to complete task, view content

Enterprise Builder

Drive the productivity of your shifting with cross department work fow

End to End visibility

Provide a complete view of cross departmental processes, including the actions required by others

Analytics & Dashboard

Real-time data gives visibility into onboarding volume via location and department.

A Partner with the Right Expertise

ClifyX has a concentrated background in customer service management. For decades, we’ve helped some of the most illustrious US-based companies develop and implement high-performing customer care centers. We know what it takes to create customer experiences that exceed expectations and keeps them coming back. We routinely help companies convert their customer service department from cost center to profit center.

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