Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Process

Clifyx is recognized by many Clients as Top Power Impacting Diversity Vendor. We have a Team aligned that is working towards the Client’s goal of achieving a gender-balanced workforce by 2022 with 50 % Women and 50 % Men. We have Certified Diversity Recruiters by AIRS so they can build a sourcing strategy for targeting and attracting any diverse talent through Universities, Career Fairs, Events, Companies, Network groups, Community groups/clubs, Non-profit organizations/foundations, and social media networking.

Helping our clients achieve their diversity spend goals is just one positive result that we strive for. We also pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the needs of our clients and the marketplace at large. Diversity is a critical component of our corporate culture, evidenced by our leadership team and workforce’s highly diverse.

The benefits of diversity in the workplace

  • New perspectives. When you hire people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, you’re bringing a fresh array of perspectives to the table. …
  • Wider talent pool. …
  • More innovation. …
  • Better employee performance. …
  • Increased profits.
Our Diversity Placement Chart
Ethnicity 2019 2020 Change
Women 22 35 13.25%
African American 25 31 5.33%
Asian American 32 44 12.45%
Hispanic American 19 31 11.98%
Veterans 8 21 13.44%
Persons with Disability 3 6 3.46%


Gender 2020 2021
Male 83 133
Female 22 35
Ethnicity 2020 vs 2021
Association where we are Involved

Society of Women Engineers, Women 2.0 Group, Women in Financial, and Women in Technology to attract talented women.

National Society of Black Engineers/National Black MBA Association- NBMBA Association / African American Chamber of Commerce in Northeast Nonprofit Organization

BDPA has enabled the upward mobility of African Americans and other minorities in the Information Technology (IT) and STEM fields.

NAAAHR - National Association of African Americans in Human Resources in each state Group *Connects military talent to open jobs, education, and training opportunities in North Carolina.

North Carolina Veterans Business Association NC VetBiz - Nonprofit Organization

BunkerLabsATX "Bunker Labs community" - Built by veteran entrepreneurs-Nonprofit Organization

HACE Hispanic alliance for Career enhancement group / Hispanic Marketing/ HACU - a Hispanic colleague and universities / Hispanic Nonprofit organizations/Hispanic Social network Events

National Society of Hispanic MBAs, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers